Machine Shop Suppliers – Global Sourcing considerations

Machine Shop Suppliers in a metalworking sector offer physical space to manufacturers for machining operations to take place. The machine shop suppliers are also machinists who involve in the production of metal consumables.

Machine shop is a room where machinist performs machining process. Here, machinists use various production machines like machine shop lathe, milling, CNC machines.  They produce machined parts or components.

Tools used by Machine Shop Suppliers:

The tool classification depends on the metalworking operations.

  1. Layout Tools
  2. Cutting Tools
  3. Safety Tools

Layout Tools:

The tools used for marking/ drawing the measurements in a work-metal are known as Layout tools. Scriber, Divider, Surface Gauge, Surface plates, etc are few examples of Layout tools.

Process Tools:

These are tools used in machine shop like cutting, bending, shaping, drilling, finishing etc.  Cutter, Drill, Lathe machine, etc are few examples of Process tools.

Safety Tools:

The tools used for safety measures while conducting the machining process are known as Safety tools. Examples: Safety vests, Safety signs, Safety masks, Safety vests, Fire extinguishers, etc.

Other machine shop supplies include machine tool accessories. For example: power tools, measuring tools, carbide tools, hand tools, etc.

What are the processes carried out by Machine Shop Suppliers?

‘Laying out’ is an initial operation in a machine shop. The Machine shop suppliers choose the raw materials suitable for the end-product. They make right measurements using the Layout tools. They use a ‘Layout dye’ to mark the measurements. It is an efficient measurement method until today.

After the measurement process, the suppliers select the machining process suitable for the end-product. Depending on the requirement, they combine different machining processes. Above all, they take care of the machine shop safety.

There are several advancements in technology. The industries have now started to adopt high speed CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines and Robotics. With these improvements, which has measurably reduced manual labour. On the other hand, increasing the approximate accuracy of end-products.

Current market focus on emerging suppliers across the globe. Particularly, in countries like India, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Korea, etc. Many buyers focus on sourcing from these counties for high quality machined parts.

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